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Got an idea | HiHub
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"Got an idea" service designed to give every employee the opportunity to offer something new to improve and speed up the workflow. Everyone can have a great idea — use it for the benefit of the company.

All ideas, created with the help of the service, can be viewed by other employees and commented on. You can decide which ideas are the most promising and implement them in the company.

Creating categories

When you go to the service page, the "Create" button will be displayed in the upper right corner. After clicking on it, a window will open to enter data about the new category — title, parent category, description.

After entering the data, click "Save".

To go to subcategories, click on the category name and a list of subcategories will open under the name.

Editing categories

Click on the category name in the left menu of the app, and the "Edit" button will appear at the top right corner. A window for editing data about the category will be opened, at the top of which there will be a "Delete" button — to delete the current category. To change the data, make edits to the fields and click "Save".

Creation of ideas

Go to the main app page, by clicking "HiHub" in the upper left corner. The "Create Idea" button will appear in the upper right corner. After clicking on it, a window will open to fill in an information about the idea — title, status, category, description.

After entering the data click "Save".

On the main app page ideas can be displayed in the form of blocks or in the form of a list, the switchers are located in the upper right corner to the right of the button "Create an idea".

Editing ideas

Go to the main app page by clicking the "HiHub" button in the left upper corner of the page. In the idea’s block, click the three dots in the upper right corner, select "Edit" or "Delete".


To view or add comments to an idea, click on the comments section under the desired idea on the main page of the app.

Phiên bản 14
Mobile app support

Phiên bản 13
Technical update for the correct operation of the application

Phiên bản 12

  • Added button to go to all categories
  • Likes and comments

Phiên bản 8

  • Changed the look of the app
  • Added confirmation window when deleting ideas and categories
  • Changed the way to add a category

Phiên bản 6
Fix install process

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