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Easy search, addition, and update of company data and LEAD in the CRM database.

This application allows you to retrieve company data based on its NIP (VAT ID) and then add a new COMPANY or LEAD with the retrieved data to your CRM.

If the company has already been entered into the CRM, you can easily update its data from the COMPANY or LEAD card by entering its NIP in the application card. You don't need to close the current company or lead window to do this.

If the company is not in the CRM database, you can create a new COMPANY or LEAD in your CRM based on the retrieved data.

In this application, you can also check:

  • Whether the company is listed in the CRM COMPANY database
  • Whether the company is listed in the CRM LEAD database

With this application, you can retrieve comprehensive information about the checked company:

  • Company status in the EU taxpayer database (data from VIES)
  • Retrieve company address information, KRS, Region
  • Check the type of business conducted
  • Check the company's bank account number
  • Check the company's registration date

This application allows you to work without access to the Bitrix24 account. You can assign a unique password for users without CRM access to create new COMPANY or LEAD and update the database. This is an excellent solution if you collaborate with lead-providing companies and call centers.

Test for free for 14 days.

The price of the application for 12 months is 480 PLN (net) only

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  • Fixed minor issues
  • UI improvement
  • added new functionality

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  • Fixed minor issues
  • UI improvement

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Add a company by NIP is an add-on to Bitrix24 CRM, which allows you to easily add companies and verify their data by downloading information from the Central Statistical Office.

Developer: HOMESOFT
The application is ready to work right after installation. To set up the app to work with your CRM, follow these steps:
  1. Set field mapping to import      data. Choose how the data downloaded from the Central Statistical Office will be assigned to the Company fields in CRM. You can use the detail fields or add your own fields.
  2. Enter the tax identification      number of the company you are looking for. After approval, the data will be downloaded and checked for the presence of this entry in the CRM database.
  3. Add or update a company in      the database. After verifying the company, you can replace the data of the existing entry or, if there is no company in the database, you can se t it up with one click.